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WanderFood Wednesday: New Year, New Beginnings

by Lauren Van Mullem
( December 31st, 2013 )

Mozambique cafe
New Year’s Eve, December 31st, 2013.

New Year’s Eve is a time for looking back and counting the blessings of the past year. But, since this post goes live on January 1st – the time for looking …

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WanderFood Wednesday: Bunny Chow & African Fusion

by Lauren Van Mullem
( December 3rd, 2013 )

Bunny Chow Recipe

Some of my favorite souvenirs I brought back from Africa are my Swazi candles. These handmade candles are created using the same technique as Venice’s Murano glass, using beads of wax, in this case, ...

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WanderFood Wednesday: Sea Beans by the Sea

by Lauren Van Mullem
( November 26th, 2013 )

How to cook SeabeansHere’s what food bloggers don’t discuss this time of year: What you eat before Thanksgiving. In the days leading up to the Day of Gluttony, it’s a challenge to figure out what to …

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