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Grand Hyatt Kauai Aloha Plate

by Wanderluster
( February 25th, 2011 )

Grand Hyatt Kauai Plate


Jon and I were in Kauai in November for my birthday. Unfortunately, he was in the middle of selling his company and, as a result, ended up working much of the time….

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Kauai Puka Dogs

by Wanderluster
( November 27th, 2010 )

Puka Dog in Kauai

This. Is. A Puka Dog.

Truth be told, I wasn’t impressed.

The guidebooks will all tell you that you must try a Puka Dog while in Kauai. And perhaps it’s true that you should at least try it. But …

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WanderFood Wednesday: Kauai Poke

by Wanderluster
( June 15th, 2010 )

Kauai Poke Plate

Sounds like a dance, doesn’t it? The Kauai Poke!

Actually, poke is a generic term to describe the way a fish is prepared (think ceviche from Central America) and is a popular dish in the Hawaiian islands. While …

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