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WanderFood Wednesday: 5 Lucky Foods for the Year of the Black Snake

by Lauren Van Mullem
( February 5th, 2013 )

buddha's delight
This Sunday, February 10th, the Chinese Year of the Black Snake kicks off. Sounds ominous, doesn’t it? According to the Chinese Zodiac, this year will bring a lot of change, so I’d like to amass as much good luck …

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The WanderFoodie Eats Portland: Tai Chi and Tastes of Tea

by Carolyn B. Heller - WanderFood
( June 29th, 2012 )

Tai chi class, Lan Su Chinese Garden, Portland, OR

My yi is willing, but my qi is weak.

Or maybe my yi—my intention, as Teacher Mark explains—would be more willing and my qi (my spirit) stronger, if last night …

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WanderFood Wednesday: A Chinese Banquet at Vancouver’s Always Seafood Restaurant

by Carolyn B. Heller - WanderFood
( June 26th, 2012 )

"Lobster Roll," Always Seafood Restaurant, Vancouver, BC

Have you ever attended a Chinese banquet?

I ate my way through multiple courses at an elaborate dinner held not long ago at the Cantonese-style Always Seafood Restaurant in Vancouver. Here are just a few of …

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