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Hangover Cures from Around the World

by Samantha Scott
( July 18th, 2014 )

We’ve all been there. You wake up and your head gives you an immediate, painful reminder of how much fun you had the night before. As this is a universal experience, hangover cures can be found in every country and there are some common themes, namely pickle, carbs and tomatoes. So …

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WanderFood Wednesday: Ottawa’s Haunted Hostel

by Lauren Van Mullem
( October 2nd, 2013 )

When I learned we’d be going from the palatial Fairmont Laurier to a nearby hostel, it wasn’t just the change in the quality of the accommodations that bothered me. I’m no snob – I don’t require incredibly comfortable high-thread count sheets, gourmet dining, and princely service 24-7 (really!), and I’m …

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Discovering P.E.I. Oysters in Ottawa

by Lauren Van Mullem
( September 17th, 2013 )

West coast oysters
The first time I “shot” an oyster was at Southpark Seafood & Grill in Portland, Oregon, and despite the insanely great combination of sweet lemon gelato moderating the salt, ...

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