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WanderFood Wednesday: Exploring Wine Country Gardens

by Samantha Scott
( January 21st, 2015 )

One of my favorite creative exercises is finding beauty in unconventional places. When it comes to gardens, wintertime doesn’t exactly scream “beautiful.” But I found nothing but beauty when visiting two impressive wine country gardens this weekend.

Many wineries have gardens. They keep the soil rich, the bug population busy and …

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WanderFood Wednesday: Venison Stroganoff

by Samantha Scott
( January 13th, 2015 )


In celebration of The Oregon Trail computer game now being available to play online, and yes, yours truly has already had two oxen die while forging the river, here is a recipe for Venison Stroganoff. It is very likely something like …

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Fun Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

by Samantha Scott
( November 22nd, 2014 )

Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving is officially less than a week away and though I’m sure you have everything organized and planned out because you’re all spectacular planners…on the off chance you are scrambling for ideas, here’s a list of some fun Thanksgiving turkey …

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