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Easy Potato Latkes with Lime Crema

by Carlye Cunniff
( November 17th, 2015 )


Oh the potato. Easily one of my favorite foods. Though I could eat the humble potato anytime of day, convincing others that eating it as the main dinner course is not always simple. Enter the potato latke. Yes, latkes are traditional holiday …

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Blackberry Buttermilk Breakfast Muffins

by Carlye Cunniff
( August 26th, 2015 )

Blackberry buttermilk muffins

If you live in the PNW, you know that the end of August normally marks prime blackberry picking time. I went out the other evening, basket in hand, only to find that most of my usual blackberry …

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Cider Breakfast in the Orchard – Summer Cider Day

by Carlye Cunniff
( August 14th, 2015 )

Cider Breakfast in the Orchard

The outskirts of Port Townsend, Washington are not necessarily top of mind when considering traditional European cider-country breakfasts, or traditional cider at all for that matter. Top of mind …

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