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WanderFood Wednesday – Got Pasta?

by Wanderluster
( June 7th, 2011 )

Pasta Platter

New York? Venice? Nope. Bhutan.

Believe it or not this plate of pasta was served up at a hotel in the central region of Bhutan. It was indeed a special treat given that most meals in the Kingdom are comprised …

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Bhutan Buckwheat Plate

by Wanderluster
( December 31st, 2010 )

Bhutan Buckwheat Noodle Plate

I honestly feel healthiest after spending a couple of weeks in Bhutan. I’m sure that this is due mainly to the fresh food that I consume at every meal.

Above is a pretty typical meal. It includes buckwheat noodles and …

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Makeshift Peanut Butter Cup

by Wanderluster
( November 22nd, 2010 )

Cadbury Chocolate

When you’re desperate for a treat in a remote part of the world (in this case, Bhutan), you’ll do most anything. Here, I’ve created a faux peanut butter cup by sandwiching peanut butter in between 2 chocolate Cadbury squares.

Come on. It …

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