Purple Sweet Potato Pancakes

by Lauren Van Mullem
( May 13th, 2013 )

Purple sweet potatoes

Sometimes you don’t go looking for a recipe. A recipe finds you. After my pilates class this morning (hey, food bloggers have to burn off those blog posts!), I was craving carbs. But I didn’t want to get on a carb high, followed by a creative crash-and-burn, so I thought “Gee, what do I have in the kitchen to curb the carb craving?” Sweet potatoes. Specifically, purple ones.

So I looked up “Sweet potato pancake recipes” on the iPad (handiest kitchen gadget since the toaster, I’m tellin’ ya), and discovered it’s kinda Southern. Which got me thinking: bourbon and Bisquick. Not being able to find the Bisquick, I reached for the nearest insta-pancake mix I had in the cupboard, which happened to be Trader Joe’s pumpkin pancake mix. So far so good.

I mixed 3/4ths cup pumpkin pancake mix with 2 eggs, 2 Tb vegetable oil, cinnamon, brown sugar and salt, then scooped as much of my baked purple sweet potato out, and added just enough milk to create a pancake mix consistency. Honestly, this is my favorite way to cook. No recipe, just feelin’ it. Then, I added a dash of bourbon and a handful of walnuts.

Three trial pancakes later (why do the first ones always come out UGLY?!), two perfect pancakes flipped their way out of the pan. Brown on the outside – and purple on the inside.

Purple pancakes

Eat well, travel often.

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On May 18th, 2013 at 9:55 am, Jahnavi @Indian Khana Made Easy said:

I love how your mind works. Purple Sweet potato pancakes, what a concept. It just so happens I have pumpkin bread mix which I can use to make pancakes and I can add the purple sweet potatoes to it. Oooh I can’t wait to try.

Btw, where did you buy the purple sweet potatoes? Farmer’s market?
Seriously, if you are ever end up in the East Coast like NYC, look me up. I would love to meet you. You’re so cool.

On May 18th, 2013 at 2:07 pm, Lauren Van Mullem said:

I was shocked to find the purple sweet potatoes in my local Albertsons. It’s weirdly well-stocked, even if they stopped carrying my favorite oyster mushrooms (drat!). And I will absolutely look you up the next time I’m in New York! I’d love to meet you too. 😀

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