What the Pho?

by Lauren Van Mullem
( November 26th, 2012 )

Pho Ga #vietnamese #chicken #noodle #soup #dinner #bamboosong #food #foodporn

I feel like I should print a retraction of last week’s Pho Ga recipe, except I didn’t misspell anything. I MISPRONOUNCED.
I’ve been saying “Pho” like it’s Faux, Foe, Fo-shizzle, rhymes with “No”. And it’s pronounced “Fuh.” Like “Fuzzy,” or the rather choice word I thought to myself when I realized I had been pronouncing it all wrong this whole time, and in front of people.

Foodblogger Fail! I was mortified.

What food words have you been caught mispronouncing?

Photo from Flickr Creative Commons.

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On November 27th, 2012 at 2:58 pm, rachel staggs said:

thank you for making me laugh! this is great. i, too, have mispronounced this word. never again!

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