Salomon Snow Mocs

by Naomi Bishop - WanderFeet
( October 29th, 2010 )

I’m dating myself here (yeah, I’m young—but I know my travel shoes) but when Salomon first released the snow moc, all the cool kids had them, and I didn’t.

Now I’ve got them, and they are better than ever. This now necessity of winter makes for a great shoe for walking in the cold, ice or snow. For a trip to New England that involves walking off the beaten patt, the traction and tread on the bottom keep you upright on slick ice or unstable snow. The warm-fuzzy feeling of the cushioned inside keeps your toes toasty on a walk through Beijing parks in November. Beautiful scenery, I must say—but chilly enough to warrant appropriate footwear.

The shoes are very comfortable for even moderate hiking (I wore mine on a day-long trek over unfinished parts of the Great Wall), as long as you aren’t in precarious situations—they are still slip ons, after-all.

One of my favorite parts of the newest generation of the snow moc—and I’m showing my girly side—is the added bit of color to the classic black version of the shoe. Now available in black with light blue accents or gray with pink accents (pink! pink! pink!), these are no longer are the shoe of necessity, but now can act as that spot of color on a dark winter day. The additional color makes them even more versatile.

While the low profile has always kept them inconspicuous enough to wear with jeans, they now actually add to the outfit. Instead of just getting away with them, fashion-wise, they now enhance your ensemble. The low profile does have its drawback, however, and I have to mention that I would hesitate to recommend these if you plan to be in deep snow a lot. The snug fit keeps light to moderate snow out, but the slip-on, low-profile design does make for some chilly ankles if you plan more than a few steps into the heavy, wet, white stuff.

Reasonably priced under that magic $100 level, these are a good, lightweight (great for travel, of course) alternative to bringing boots on a trip.

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