Women Stars of Food and Wine

by Nancy Mueller
( February 12th, 2014 )

Shannon Borg The Green Vine

How refreshing to find an event that focuses on Women Stars of Food and Wine – the best women chefs, winemakers and sommeliers in the Pacific Northwest. Yeah! When the event is billed as a fundraiser for Women’s Funding Alliance, investing in the future of women and girls, even better.

“Male chefs have a long history of dominating the world of professional cooking,” says David LeClaire, founder of Seattle Uncorked. “So we wanted to host an event that showcased the talent of women chefs in the Northwest.”

Several published authors were on hand, including Shannon Borg, whose book The Green Vine provides a guide to sustainability in winemaking. Shannon and I had first bonded over our shared love of poetry and literature last Fall. A lifelong learner and educator, she explains the impetus for her book in the first line of the Introduction: “I wrote this book because I was confused.” And if a sommelier is confused about the world of wine, where does that leave the rest of us? With the need for a map to help us through the confusion.

Columbia Tower Club Seattle

The day’s festivities provided plenty of new discoveries in food and wine, capped with stellar views from the 75th floor of Seattle’s downtown Columbia Tower Club where the view from the women’s restroom is worth the price of admission. 15 women chefs offered yummy appetizers paired with regional wines from 26 women winemakers while female sommeliers worked the room, inviting guests to enjoy blind wine tastings.

Chef Kathy Casey

Acclaimed chef Kathy Casey served up a delicious Rosemary Mandarin Sparkle from her Liquid Kitchen. The cocktail featured Crater Lake Vodka, Fresh Rosemary, Mandarin & Honey Lemon Elixir, Michelle Brut Bubbles and Liquid Kitchen 23k Cocktail Gold – Firestix. Mmm . . .

Big Girl Milkshake

Another huge beverage hit from the event was “The Big Girl’s Milkshake,” a combination of scotch, vanilla ice cream, a little milk and a dash of cocoa powder from chef Teresa Carew, CEO and Founder of On Safari Foods. Wow.

Chef Author Becky Selengut

Cornucopia Chef and cookbook author Becky Selengut showcased a Quinoa cake appetizer topped with feta, albacore and Wasabi Tobiko (flying fish roe).

Chef Becky Selengut Quinoa Cakes

And let’s not forget the desserts!

Key Lime Strawberry Pistachio Chocolates

 A chocolate lover’s delight . . .

Chocolate Brownies

With so many Women Stars of Food and Wine in the region, diners can enjoy a bounty of culinary creations featuring the freshest seasonal ingredients prepared by  the Northwest’s best women chefs, winemakers and sommeliers.

Thanks to sponsor Seattle Uncorked for the chance to learn about these notable women leaders in the Northwest food and wine industry.

Bon appetite!

Wander on!


What about you, wanderboomers? Who are your favorite women chefs, winemakers and/or sommeliers?

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On February 13th, 2014 at 10:02 am, Kristin K. said:

What a fantastic event! My favorite local woman chef = Maria Hines. Hands down! I’m going to have to work on finding a fave female winemaker.

On February 14th, 2014 at 7:05 am, Nancy Mueller said:

I need to check out Maria Hines’ Restaurants, Kristin, especially when Golden Beetle is in my neck of the woods. What’s your favorite?

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