Local Flavor: VW Bus = rolling coffee shop

by Angela Dollar - Travel with a Purpose
( August 25th, 2010 )


You gotta love the Thai ingenuity.

I happened upon this mobile coffee unit while strolling near the moat that surrounds Chiang Mai’s old city. While I’d seen the VW bus employed in this way as a cocktail bar in Thailand before, coffee seems to be the more popular beverage-on-white-walls these days.


Using a high-end espresso machine and fresh coffee grown in the area, my barista created a delicious iced coffee while I pulled up a stool and people-watched. The finished product was presented to me as “on the house” with a shy smile. It seems I had happened upon the mobile coffee unit the first day this young entrepreneur was open for business, and he was offering all drinks for free on his inaugural day. So I tucked my baht into his ceramic VW bus tip jar and wished him “choke dee” (good luck) on his new endeavor.


Coffee culture is something I’ve enjoyed in many parts of the world. I love the universal way that people come together over a cup of joe. Where are some of your most memorable coffee experiences?

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