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Pleased to meet you

by Daytona Strong
( March 26th, 2012 )

Clouds From Airplane
The plane touched down at Sea-Tac Airport last night. Today my bags are unpacked, though piles of clothing and laundry still need to be put away. I look outside my window and see evergreens …

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The Return of the NW Kid

by Shae Healey - The Flying Salmon
( March 8th, 2011 )

Internet introductions have never been my strong suit.  Without a warm handshake and a cold beverage,  the cyber meet and greet can often feel distant and unsatisfying.  As the newest WanderBlogger in the neighborhood, it’s my instinct to knock on your screens with a nervous smile and a plate of …

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Seattle and the Northwest: A First-Time Encounter

by Andrea
( December 16th, 2009 )

Seattle Skyline with Space NeedleAs a kid and throughout college, I visited New York City a handful of times, each time falling more in love with the energy, the people and the food. Still, when I moved there, I had …

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