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NW Women: Antoinette Douglas-Hall On Travel With A Purpose

by Louise Lakier
( September 12th, 2012 )

Antoinette Douglas-Hall, Ethiopia, Africa, Obstetrics Fistula, Travel, NGO, Hamlin Fistula, SalaamGaragePhoto by Antoinette Douglas-Hall ©2010
I first met Antoinette on a trip to Ethiopia in November of 2010. We were a group of photojournalists with the common goal of using …

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Portland Filmmakers Sarah Henderson & Erich Lyttle Premiere Their New Documentary: We Grew Wings

by Louise Lakier
( July 19th, 2012 )

Theater, Films, The Hollywood, Portland, We Grew Wings, Oregon, Architecure

Executive Producer Ellen Schmidt-Devlin partnered with directors Sarah Henderson & Erich Lyttle to create We Grew Wings.

I was already excited about my up and coming visit to Portland. It had been …

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Book It To: In Other Words

by Shae Healey - The Flying Salmon
( June 28th, 2011 )

As an Editorial Intern at Willamette Week, I am the only woman on an all-male news staff; and without a degree in Journalism or a bulging portfolio, I am also the least qualified.  This, of course, is the ultimate feminist …

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