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Laughter is good medicine

by Elizabeth Griffin
( August 22nd, 2013 )

laughing man statues

The 14 statues of laughing men that greet visitors to Vancouver’s English Bay Beach remind us that laughter is good medicine. The famous exhibit takes up a large portion of real estate at the intersection of Denman …

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Nature and art: two treasures in Victoria, British Columbia

by Elizabeth Griffin
( June 14th, 2013 )

When I mentioned to a friend that Jay and I were going to Victoria, B.C. he said, “Whatever you do, don’t go to The Butchart Gardens. They are such a tourist trap.”

I beg to differ. In fact, I remember those gardens from when I was a child, and I have …

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Whale Watching in The Strait of Juan de Fuca

by Elizabeth Griffin
( June 12th, 2013 )

Orca in the Strait of Juan de Fuca
Whale watching is amazing! I can’t believe I have lived in the Pacific Northwest nearly all my life and I have never done …

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