The Baby Culture

by teasugaradream
( October 21st, 2010 )

I know I blog for a travel website. So my blogs should be about travel, right? Well, mostly they are. But sometimes I just can’t help but write about my beautiful, adorable, precious baby niece. And, after all, wouldn’t visiting my niece be considered a travel experience?

that face!

I mean, for example, I had to “travel” to get to her, right? I flew from Seattle to San Francisco, and I even tried a different airline this time that I had never flown before. And then I stayed in different accommodations, other than my own home, albeit my mother’s and my sister’s homes, so that is considered traveling, too, right?

And when one travels, they visit different places. Which is what I did on my most recent trip there, a couple of weeks ago. With my now 8-month old niece, and her parents, we went to a park in San Francisco that I had never been to before. Not only was it a place for Annika to enjoy the fresh outdoors, but it was also a place of people-watching, another aspect of travel.

dress from auntie debby!

Doing different activities is another facet of travel. I have never before participated in seeing Annika on a swing, or taking her to her swimming lessons. While her parents did the pushing, and the pool-time, I was busy taking pictures. Ahhh – taking pictures – yet another travel related activity!


apres swim

Experiencing different foods is another thing one does when not at home. Well, while I didn’t personally try her mashed peas, I watched (and took pictures) as Annika was fed with a spoon, and the result was food all over her cute little face.

reading about ABC’s

Different languages is another piece of travel. Babbling, cooing, short consonants, crying, laughing, and other “baby talk” was done by Annika, and I imitated and conversed with her as best as I could.


And finally, when one travels, one experiences different people and cultures. This time, for me, it was the “baby culture.” Changing diapers, reading about ABC’s, playing on the floor, feedings at 2am in the morning, bath time, seeing Annika “eat” books and toys, and giving and receiving baby-kisses are just some of the examples of the baby culture I experienced while traveling.

So now, wouldn’t you say that visiting my beautiful, adorable, precious baby niece is considered a travel experience?

Sweet Travels!

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