At play in the ocean

by Beth Shepherd
( April 11th, 2014 )

I saw you in my dream

We were walking hand in hand On a white sandy beach of Hawaii We were playing in the sun We were having so much fun On a white sandy beach of Hawaii The sound of the ocean Soothes …

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Birds of Kauai

by Beth Shepherd
( April 4th, 2014 )

Birds of Kauai:
We saw some wonderfully colored birds on our trip to Kauai.
Talking Cardinal
Blue Booby
Blue Booby…

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Finding bliss in an outdoor shower

by Beth Shepherd
( April 2nd, 2014 )

Naked in the river skinny dippin’ my way
In the waterfall I just wanna play
~Red Hot Chili Peppers, Naked in The Rain
All wet outdoor shower
If you ask my daughter what she …

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