Bunny’s trip to the Rockies

by Beth Shepherd
( July 18th, 2014 )

When you’re a bunny, taking a trip—to the Rocky Mountains—is a big deal.

Bunny waits for the plane

Waiting for the plane at the airport

Bunny gets buckled in

Getting buckled in and ready to fly to Colorado

Chilling on the deck and looking at Long's Peak

Chilling on the deck at the cabin, looking at Long’s Peak

Bunny gets a diaper

Diaper before nap

Bunny gets tucked into bed for a nap

Getting tucked into bed—Rocky Mountain travel is tiring

Bunny in the Rockies

Bunny in the Rockies

Bunny has juice on the deck

Breakfast on the deck with the family

Take the road less traveled, Beth

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by Beth Shepherd
( July 16th, 2014 )

Elk cow and calf

For nearly ten years, whenever Big Papa and I went on vacation, we’d anticipate seeing wildlife in our backyard.  At the cabins and B&Bs we rented, we’d find notebooks detailing other visitors’ observations:

“Every day, two otters played in the lake just off the shore.”

“There were whales breaching at the beach!”

“We saw a herd of elk in the field and a mountain lion off in the distance.”

“Two big-horned sheep up on the ridge.”

We were never able to report similar close encounters, until….

Rocky Mountain National Park Elk in our yard! And I mean right in our yard. On several occasions, we’d come home to find cows and their calves, nibbling their way around our cabin. We even got to watch one mama nursing her little one merely feet from our front deck.

Mama elk and calf

Calf and bird

Elk mama and calves

On the days when we traveled farther into the park, and higher up in elevation, we began to see a few bulls, their antlers still covered with soft velvet. So majestic!

Male elk

Bull elk

Majestic elk

Take the road less traveled, Beth

Calf licking

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Rocky Mountains!

by Beth Shepherd
( July 11th, 2014 )

Estes Park

We recently returned from spending six days high in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Our lovely cabin (a VRBO rental) was located across the street—literally—from Rocky Mountain National Park.

Here are two members of the welcome committee, who greeted us at the road marker for Estes Park.

Rocky Mountain chipmunk

Rocky Mountain squirrel

And the not-so-native wildlife.

Little Bird in the Rocky Mountains

Long’s Peak, the view from our deck and bedroom. Big Papa climbed this 14,259 foot mountain [almost to the top] some 30 years ago.

Rocky Mountain Long's Peak


It was my maiden visit to Colorado, and the first time I’d stood at this elevation since Big Papa and I toured Tibet in 2008. The elevation of Estes Park is 7,522 feet though, during our stay, we went for a walk on the ‘Tundra Communities Trail’ and, at the highpoint of the trail, found ourselves at an elevation of 12,285 feet.Rocky Mountain wildflowers

Elk, moose, marmots tundra, and mountain peaks awaited our exploration. More posts about our trip in the Rockies to come!

Take the road less traveled, Beth

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