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Kids on Kauai: 8 things to do rain or shine

by Beth Shepherd
( February 20th, 2015 )

A year ago, we vacationed on Kauai. We rented a house on the north shore near the town of Kilauea.

the island of Kauai

I’d like to say we spent the entire trip sunning ourselves on …

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Six things I miss about HOME when I’m traveling

by Beth Shepherd
( January 23rd, 2015 )

I love to travel. Even when I long for the comfort of home, I always feel a little sad when we’re about to board that plane and head back. Here are six things I miss when I’m away from home:

1. My cat*: I think about her all the time when …

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Five things I miss about TRAVEL when I’m home

by Beth Shepherd
( January 22nd, 2015 )

The road less traveled is the road I’d like to be on. I miss traveling and wish I could take trips more often. Remembering places we’ve been makes me happy, and dreaming about the places I’d like to go stirs my imagination. And I love hearing friends tell stories of  ...

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