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Now serving ticket H-16: Spending the day at the Office of Immigration

by Beth Shepherd
( July 11th, 2011 )

Office of Immigration Tukwila, Washington “Now serving ticket H-5 at counter number 11” says the electronic voice over the loudspeaker. Then we hear a ringing ping, like a finger tapping on a crystal goblet.

“Now serving ticket H-6 at counter number 11.”

Big …

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Crime and punishment

by Beth Shepherd
( April 16th, 2010 )

“Now serving ticket number H1 at counter 11.” “Now serving ticket number H2 at counter 11.”

Office of ImmigrationBig Papa and I were tickets number H21 and H22 respectively as we sat in the waiting room at the Tukwila, ...

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Can’t see the forest for the trees

by Beth Shepherd
( April 6th, 2010 )

Our adoption agency sent an email letting families know that the new laws regarding Armenian adoption have been published and there are several changes to update families on.  They will be sending each family a personalized letter with their current status, place in ‘wait’ and details about how the new …

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