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Paris in the fall

by Beth Shepherd
( September 20th, 2013 )

Everyone talks about visiting Paris in the springtime, but I love Paris in the fall. Dots of autumn leaves color the sky like a Pissaro painting, the spicy scent of mulled wine wafts in the air from cafes in the Tuileries, mist creates a moody feeling, and raindrops play on …

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Oui! You can make a French omelette

by Beth Shepherd
( May 29th, 2013 )

You can’t make an omelette without breaking an egg
~Dutch proverb
First omelet, French Country style
See the lovely omelette in the photo above? This omelette is Big Papa’s first, cooked on September 13, 2009, ...

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Sunset in Paris

by Beth Shepherd
( October 28th, 2011 )

In keeping with my Paris theme this week, here are a few sunset shots. There’s nothing like a beautiful sunset, particularly in Paris.
Sunset on the Seine, Paris, FranceSunset on the Seine


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