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The Great Pumpkin Hunt: Jubilee Farm

by Beth Shepherd
( October 23rd, 2014 )


Our search for the Great Pumpkin of 2014 took place at Jubilee Farm in Carnation. Ponies, pumpkins and SUNSHINE…what’s not to like about that? Last year our Halloween pumpkin search took place in the rain, but this …

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Our Memorial Day flag

by Beth Shepherd
( May 26th, 2014 )

Memorial Day flag
When Big Papa and I were growing up, both of our families placed a flag in front of our home on Memorial Day. Many of our neighbors did the same.

Decades later, the absence of flags …

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Don’t make a Peep

by Beth Shepherd
( April 18th, 2014 )

Look who we’ve seen flocking to our feeder and birdbath…the rarely-sighted yellow Peep (Peepus Easterea)!
Peeps on birdfeeder
3 peeps at birdbath...

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