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Superbowl Sunday: Smokin’ Seattle Seahwawks Stout Chili Recipe

by Beth Shepherd
( January 28th, 2014 )

smoky stout chili with Elysian Dragonstooth stout
Elysian Dragonstooth Stout beerWhat would Superbowl parties and tailgates be without chili? And what would chili be without …

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Sweet Potato and Leek Potage Parmentier Recipe

by Beth Shepherd
( January 22nd, 2014 )

Sweet potato and leek soup
On a cold day (of which, lately, there have been many), there are few things more satisfying than Potage Parmentier. The classic potage (thick soup) is made with potatoes and …

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A nice pairing

by Beth Shepherd
( January 9th, 2014 )

The pairing of food and wine is a complex and highly inexact science. It is fraught with outmoded rules and a propensity for generalizations.
Sid Goldstein, The Wine Lover’s Cookbook…

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