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In the kitchen with the Kirchners: Gluten Free Apple Pie

by Beth Shepherd
( October 29th, 2014 )

Gluten free apple pie

Our first Family Pie Day was a huge success. Big Papa, Little Bird and I got busy in the kitchen with our local cousins, and made Gluten free Apple Pie, from scratch, with apples from …

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On the other side of the camera

by Beth Shepherd
( August 1st, 2014 )

I am usually on the “business end” of the camera. So rarely do I have photos with me in them. Thank you, Wenmei Hill, for the photo sessions of our family.
 ©2012 Wenmei Hill PhotographyFeet 2012…

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Life is a lot like mountaineering

by Beth Shepherd
( July 4th, 2014 )

The Three Rules of Mountaineering
It’s always further than it looks.
It’s always taller than it looks.
And it’s always harder than it looks. – Author Unknown
Big Papa at Everest
Fifty years of life is like is a lot …

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