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My oh my, it’s Shepherd’s Pie

by Beth Shepherd
( January 5th, 2016 )

No lightweights here in the Shepherd household. In one corner we have our 4-1/2-year-old daughter, who weighed in at 47 pounds.

Girl and pie

In another our kitten Wallingford who, at only 9-months old, weighed in at 15 pounds….

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An afternoon in the Arboretum–on the other side of the camera

by Beth Shepherd
( November 11th, 2015 )

This past weekend I found myself on the other side of the camera two days in a row! Both photo shoots had been scheduled and rescheduled several times due to rain. Lo and behold, what was the weather like on Saturday and Sunday? Rain, rain and more rain. But I …

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Nestle for Men: The manly chocolate bar

by Beth Shepherd
( November 6th, 2015 )

Big Papa may have felt left out of the Halloween festivities, because today he hauled out his very last ‘Nestle for Men’ bar. Yep. For men.

Russian Nestle chocolate bar

We purchased this bar some time (years) ago in Armenia, because…well, you never know …

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