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Nestle for Men: The manly chocolate bar

by Beth Shepherd
( November 6th, 2015 )

Big Papa may have felt left out of the Halloween festivities, because today he hauled out his very last ‘Nestle for Men’ bar. Yep. For men.

Russian Nestle chocolate bar

We purchased this bar some time (years) ago in Armenia, because…well, you never know …

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A gift from Gyumri: Armenian fruit leather

by Beth Shepherd
( October 2nd, 2015 )

A package arrived from Armenia this week. Inside were several special gifts including Armenian fruit leather. There is nothing more delicious (in my admittedly biased opinion) than homemade—IN ARMENIA—fruit leather.

Armenian fruit leather and Armenian coffee

The fruit leather from Gyumri, where my daughter …

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Autumn in Armenia

by Beth Shepherd
( September 18th, 2015 )

Four of my six trips to Armenia have taken place in the fall, so when the weather begins to change and the air becomes crisp, leaves turn color, and the smell of rain is in the air, my mind wanders to Autumn in Armenia….

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