Pampers and Pakhlava interview featured in SixSeeds

by Beth Shepherd
( November 5th, 2010 )

Pampers and Pakhlava is one of a number of blogs featured in the November in celebration of National Adoption Month, which takes place each November. National Adoption Month started in 1976, when Gov. Michael Dukakis announced an Adoption Week for Massachusetts, and President Gerald Ford proclaimed a national celebration of Adoption Week. In 1984, President Reagan again proclaimed a National Adoption Week. As more state participated, more festivities were planned. President Clinton proclaimed November as National Adoption Month in 1995. The celebration usually includes National Adoption Day with courthouses throughout the nation participating and hundreds of adoptions being finalized simultaneously.

In celebration of National Adoption Month, SixSeeds interviewed a number of adoptive families about their adoption experience. Here’s a bit about SixSeeds: We are a national, non-profit organization which aims to entertain and inspire with a fresh look at culture, sports and politics – and to have a ton of “good, family, fun” in the meantime!

Each adoptive family who was interviewed was given the opportunity to donate $2 to the charity of their choice, for each reader who comments and leaves an email address. My donations are earmarked to benefit ‘Passports with Purpose’, whose fund raising efforts in 2010 will support LAFTI (Land for Tillers’ Freedom). The goal this year is to raise $50,000 and build a village for Dalit (untouchables) in India. This village will provide homes for those who never had a roof over their heads!

Here’s a bit about ‘Passports with Purpose’:
100% of contributions to the Fund goes to the charitable recipients. In our current start-up phase, our operational costs are being covered by our founders.Last year, Passports with Purpose raised nearly $30,000 dollars and built a school in rural Cambodia. The Passports School opened in early October, and now there are a few hundred kids learning, reading, gaining the opportunity to thrive.

Passports with Purpose is now in its third year and hopes to support LAFTI in building a Dalit (untouchables) village in India. $50,000 is needed to make this effort a reality.

So read, celebrate ‘National Adoption Month’ and donate to good causes all around!

Pampers and Pakhlava interview

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