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Exploring the Rugged Beauty of Chilko Lake, British Columbia

by Joslin Fritz
( August 7th, 2013 )

Chilko Lake British Columbia Canada
I know I’ve been quiet for a few weeks now, which as a blogger is a major no-no.
Truth is, I have an excellent excuse.
I’ve been …

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Springing into Spring; Must-Have Outdoor Gear for May

by Joslin Fritz
( April 24th, 2013 )


Along with the changing of seasons comes the necessary switch of one set of outdoor gear for the other. The packing of winter snow pants and boots to the basement, and the dusting off of  t-shirts, capris and personal flotation devices. ...

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Be a Friendly Traveler, Get Free Lodging!

by Joslin Fritz
( February 28th, 2013 )

As any traveler will attest, you tend to make fast connections and tight bonds with folks you meet on the road. Both of you are in an equally unfamiliar world, and are drawn together by that simple fact. All of  a sudden, you find yourself being more open and sharing …

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