The International language of Dance

by Dianne Sharma-Winter - Heart of India
( October 4th, 2011 )

Recently I went to a five star disco in the throbbing heart of some hotel in Delhi. I was amazed at the orderliness of it all. Couples practised their dance class steps on the floor, I was less amazed to see the tango steps danced a hip hop beat. I got the feeling that they would have tangoed whatever music the DJ happened to play and besides people hadn’t really had enough to drink in order to loose their self awareness and boogie.

It made me yearn for the days of the village where I had learned to shed my inhibitions and dance. Women travelers have this advantage, we gain entry into the purdah and joy of a women’s only space and dance as if only God were watching. It made me remember the heart connection of dance and how it is a language of it’s own. Dance as a language exists on many levels, from the high brow to the village square and they are a story in their own right. It is a wordless joyful communication that belongs to the planet of the soul where we all are equals under the light of Love.

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