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A Pacific Island Tradition

by Lisa Overman
( December 8th, 2009 )

Kava Ceremony
Making Kava
Photo Credit: Kevin Schmidt Flickr

While living on Guam I attended several island celebrations where Sakau was served. Sakau is called Kava in other areas of the pacific. I was unfamiliar with this local pacific …

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Guam Boonie Stomps

by Lisa Overman
( January 26th, 2009 )

A Boonie Stomp View on Guam By: Goatlockerguns FlickrSigua Falls, Guam By: Goatlockerguns Flickr

Sigua Falls, ...

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Earth Watch Institute Volunteer Dive Program Truk Lagoon

by Lisa Overman
( July 17th, 2008 )

jcatorsphotos.jpgHaving spent three years living in Micronesia this Earth Watch Institute Volunteer Dive Program for Truk Lagoon in Chuuk caught my eye and drew me in. Having had the opportunity to explore the beauty of Micronesia both above and …

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