Lemon Ginger Mojito

by Lisa Overman
( May 23rd, 2012 )

This Lemon Ginger Mojito offers a twist on the traditional Mojito. With summer heating up it’s the perfect time to sample something new and add a little spice, at your next BBQ or party.


This Lemon Ginger Mojito is from Bahama Breeze in Tampa, but can easily be made at home. I found it to be refreshing and delicious.

Lemon Ginger Mojito Ingredients

Bacardi Limon, Domaine de Canton, Ginger Liqueur, fresh squeezed sugar cane juice, club soda, mint leaves and lemon wedges.

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On May 29th, 2012 at 11:02 pm, Beth Shepherd - Pampers and Pakhlava said:

I’m writing a drink post this week too 😉 I love Mojitos and now that I’ve got fresh mint in my mint box…yum.

The ginger liqueur sounds delish—-I could see putting some candied ginger sugar on the rim too…give it an extra kick.

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