A View of Tulum

by Lisa Overman
( April 21st, 2012 )

Tulum, Mexico holds many treasures, among them these Maya ruins. Tulum was called Zama, “Dawn” because of it’s views of the sunrise. In addition to the Maya ruins in Tulum the beach that runs through the town of Tulum is not to be missed. The two together remain at the top of my list, for a return visit. These shots are part of Photo Friday on Delicious Baby’s website. For other beautiful photos take time to explore Delicious Baby.

Maya Ruins, Mexico

The beach at Tulum, Mexico.

A beach view of Mexico's Tulum ruins

*My visit to Tulum was part of a sponsored trip with the Mexico Tourism Board, organized by Ogilvy PR.

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On April 27th, 2012 at 12:19 pm, Sonja said:

Very beautiful and historical place.

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