A Summer Cooler Drink Recipe

by Lisa Overman
( July 25th, 2008 )

0708082019.jpg This is one in a series of tropical drink recipes.

With summer heat at it’s peak a cool rum drink is always on my mind. Tonight I decided to create my own drink with ingredients I love. My Summer Cooler was both enjoyable and perfect for my southern evening. I’m not a southern girl but my love of fresh mint must mean I have a southern gene so take a taste and enjoy a bit of the tropical south.

 Lisa’s Summer Cooler

 7 mint leaves

2 shots of Malibu rum

2 shots of sparkling water

2 shots of white cranberry juice

1/4 glass of crushed ice

To create this summer cooler muddle five of the fresh mint leaves with half of crushed ice. Add the sparkling water, the white cranberry juice, last add the Malibu Rum and stir. Add the rest of the crushed ice and the final two mint leaves as a garnish.

Photo Credit: Lisa Overman

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