Wedding Escapes

by Lisa Overman
( March 24th, 2008 )

craiglarsenwedding.jpgLiving in exotic locations around the globe has given me a taste for the unexpected and when I discovered Beyond Vegas 25 Exotic Wedding and Elopement Destinations Around The World I knew I was meant to write the wedding post that had  been kicking around in my head for a few months. This couple has done the research and actually went through the paperwork and ceremony in ten different exotic locales. The book was published in 2002 so it may actually be a resource that you’re aware of, even so with it’s insight and detail it’s worth a mention!

 My personal destination wedding location has been Hawaii for many years. Here are the facts on  getting a marriage licence in Hawaii.  Possibly because I called the Hawaiian Islands home for three years it became my hands down favorite as I saw first hand the many beautiful weddings that can be performed in the islands.

 When considering an exotic destination for a wedding the following certainly come to mind.

1. What is your wedding budget?

2. What wedding destination options are available in your price range?

3. What could you do yourself to reduce expenses?

4. What are your top five destination locations?

5. Will weather be a factor in some destinations…ie hurricane season?

6. How affordable is  the destination for any guests you would like to include?

7. What kind of wedding package plans are available?

Photo Credit: Flickr photo Craig Larsen

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