Camera Bags for Women (& Indiana Jones Aficionados) – Copper River Bags

by Melinda Eliza Sabo
( October 7th, 2012 )

Copper River Bags – Rugged Sexiness

Made in the USA - 100 Year Warranty

Copper River Bags, Laptop Bag, Indiana Jones Bag

Review: [rating system = 1-5 with 5 being excellent and 1 being poor]

•    Sex Appeal: [4.5]  Copper River Bags are Indiana-Jonesesq-rugged-smart-sexy hotness.  They might just be THE quintessential classic adventurer’s bag.  The only accessories you’ll need (aside from your favorite camera gear) are a whip and a fedora.
•   Sport Appeal: [4.0] These high-quality, well-made bags are durable and rugged.  I field tested the Voyager Lap Top Bag in Serengeti (pictured below with the tree background).  While not rain-proof or produced specifically for sport, the bag stood up to the rigors the office, hikes, bike rides, shooting photos around town, and being (unknowingly) squished for two weeks under a heavy box of books during my recent move.  It still looks like new.  The four metal circles on the bottom allow you to convert the bag into a backpack in a pinch; they also work well to tie up a sweater and a umbrella for a long autumn day of making photos.  I tested this lap top bag using my Roma camera bag insert by ONA in order to protect and organize my camera equipment, but note that Copper River Bags also offers a series of dedicated camera bags.  In fact, they offer 5 camera bags in addition to lap top bags, iPad/tablet bags, and accessories.
•   Day-tripping: [4.5]  The classy look of this bag makes it easy to carry.  It looks great with shorts and equally nice with a suit.
•   World-trekking: [4.0]  If you carry a modest amount of camera gear in addition to a lap top or tablet when you travel, then this is a bag to seriously consider.  It would make a great carry-on and it fits comfortably (and securely) across the body.

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Black Leather Camera Bag,  Travel Bags for Women, Brief Cases for Women, Carry-on Bag for Women

•    Wearablility & Comfort: [5.0] Every Copper River Bag comes with a 100-year warranty.  Seriously – you will pass this bag (and what’s left of the warranty) on to your grand kids.
•    Dimensions: 14.0”L—-10.00’”H—-5.00’”D
•    Price: $129.50
•    Price-to-coolness ratio: [4.75]

Camera Bags for Women, Indiana Jones bag, Lap Top Bag, Camera Bag Made in the USA, Rugged Camera Bag

Comments from Women and Men: 100% positive!
•  Drawbacks: The only drawback I found with this bag is that the leather strap left tiny bits of yellow leather on my clothing the first time that I wore it.  Once I used my cat hair roller on the strap, the problem was solved.
•   Highlights: The quality of the leather is amazing.  You can tell that it is hand-made with loads of care and pride.  It’s a truly beautiful bag.
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