Global Photography Project: Share A Meal With the Whole World!

by Melinda Eliza Sabo
( February 16th, 2012 )

 Art House Co-op, Photography, Food Photography, Action Against Hunger, [Image © The Art House Co-op]

The Art House Co-op organizes global art projects – not competitions, but rather the opportunity to collaborate with thousands of other artists from all over the world.  What a great idea!  They are currently looking for photographers (that’s you!) to participate in a food photography exhibit called “THE MEAL.”  The requirements are simple (see list below) and participation is free, so sign up today!

  • All photographs must be taken on February 24th at 12pm Eastern Standard Time. Some participants will be eating lunch, others will be having a midnight snack, but we’ll all be taking photos of ourselves with our food at the same moment.

  • There are no restrictions on the composition of your photograph; they ask only that you capture at least part of yourself and all of your meal/snack.

  • Send the Art House Co-op one 4×6 photo (matte finish and no borders, please!).  Note that both color and black & white photos are accepted.

  • Everyone who mails the Art House Co-op a photograph before the deadline will be included in the exhibition.

  • Don’t forget to print your name clearly on the back of your photograph so you can receive credit for your work.

  • Submissions will not be returned.

  • Postmark your photograph by March 05, 2012 to:
    Brooklyn Art Library
    103A N. 3rd St
    Brooklyn, NY 11249

In joy,

Melinda Eliza

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