Truth: Italy Has The Best Knockers

by Melinda Eliza Sabo
( February 11th, 2012 )

“The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.”

-Flora Whittemore

Lion door knocker, Italian architectural details,  [Vicious Lion – Italian Door Knocker – Rome, Italy]

Bacchus,  Bacchus Door Knocker,  Ornate Door Knocker[Evil Bacchus and His Wine Making Minions – Italian Door Knocker. Florence, Italy]

Ornate Door Knocker,  Evil door knocker, Fabrizio [I jokingly told my best friend Jess that I would meet a Fabrizio in Italy. I found his signature, but nothing more. Florence, Italy]

European Door Knocker,  Ornate Door Knocker, Golden Door Knocker[Ornate Brass Italian Door Knocker – Rome, Italy]

Lion Door Knocker,  Antique Door Knocker, Evil Door Knocker,  Italian Architectural Details, Wooden Door with Knocker[Evil Lion – Italian Door Knocker – Florence, Italy]

If you’re a regular visitor to Global Snapshots, then you know that I love to set photo themes for myself when I travel.  I had great fun exploring the backstreets of Italy taking these images!  Leave a comment and let me know which one you like best.

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In joy,

Melinda Eliza