Big City Shooting Challenge – Perspective and Contrast in Chicago

by Melinda Eliza Sabo
( November 19th, 2011 )

On a recent trip to Chicago, I challenged myself to work with contrast and perspective as much as possible.  This challenge led me off the scheduled path a few times (which in my opinion is always a plus) and, in general, lead to a lot more “seeing” and less “looking.”

Fire Escape[Fire Escape – Chicago, Illinois – Standing on a curb between two garbage bins shooting straight up.]

Water Tower, Chicago, Illinois, John Hancock, Contrast, Perspective[The Chicago Water Tower and The John Hancock Tower – Chicago, Illinois – When we were 1000 feet up in the John Hancock Observatory I was thinking about how the tiny Chicago Water Tower stands in such contrast and aged beauty to the towering modern skyscrapers around her…a few hour later I took this image to commemorate Chicago’s infinite variety.]

TIP: There’s nothing like a day exploring and shooting in a major metropolis!  Be sure to set goals for yourself on your next adventure – you’ll be surprised how it changes the way you see and explore a new place.

In Joy,


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