Beijing’s Lamp Market: From AK-47s to horses

by Elizabeth Kain - Dim Sum Diary
( December 16th, 2011 )

Lately I’ve been missing some of the quirkier aspects of living in Beijing, for example, the city’s vast lamp market, which was housed in three football-field-sized warehouses.  There were lamps that I would buy for my home, to be sure, but of course the more interesting were those made depicting life-sized horses, AK-47s and human body parts.  Here are a few of the highlights.

For those equestrians out there, I found a life-sized horse:

But perhaps you would be happy with just a head:

Or if your taste goes toward pigs:

Or dogs:

But no, you may prefer weaponry instead, such as this AK-47:

Or a hand gun:

Some may enjoy something more Italian?  Or gilded?

And if contemporary is your passion, the lamp market can provide as well:

Yes indeed, the lamp market has something for everyone, and I, for one, can’t help but hope that someday, somewhere in the world, I will walk into a house and encounter one of these treasures.

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