This Month Win a Pair of Horny Toad Sea Change Shorts

by Beth Whitman (April 1st, 2014)

Horny Toad Sea Change Shorts

It’s nearly summertime, summertime sum sum summertime. Well, it felt like that for me last week when I was in Hawaii!

It was fun to pull out my warm weather clothes and test out some new items, including these Horny Toad Sea Change Shorts.

The first thing I noticed about them is how lightweight they are. Definitely great for hot climates (great because I’ll be in Bangkok and Bali soon enough). They’ve got a bit of stretch to them due to the Spandex alternative material. That material is also quick drying so if you get them wet at the pool or beach, they’re going to work well.

Made of 67% Tencel® Sun and 33% Stretch Polyester, this guarantees many years of use without any loss of shape. The Tencel® Sun is a unique fabric that ensures utmost comfort as it glides over your skin plus it provides UPF 45 protection.

The Sea Change is also versatile. It has a roll-up button tab so you can wear the cuffs up or down. And, you can wear it comfortably without a belt using the internal drawcord on rugged trips, or accessorize with a nice belt to make it look a little dressy when on a day out in the city.

Plus, you can stay feminine looking even while active, as the Sea Change fits great and has a nice pretty pattern, too! 

Highlights include:

  • Horny Toad Sea Change Shorts Backzip fly with button closure and internal drawcord
  • curved front pockets
  • split back yoke
  • back hidden zipper pocket
  • drain-and-dry mesh pocketing
  • roll-up button tab detail at cuffs
  • water-friendly, quick-dry material
  • 7″ inseam

Wanna win your own?
During the month of April, you can enter to win your very own pair of Horny Toad Sea Change Shorts. One winner will be chosen on May 1, 2014.


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Value: $72

The Deets
This contest closes at 11:59 pm PST on April 30, 2014 and the lucky winner will be chosen on May 1, 2014. We can ship this worldwide!

The winner will have three days to respond before another winner is chosen.

Travel Well,


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The (Travel) Glass Half Full

by Beth Whitman (March 31st, 2014)

Woman with Water GlassMy life is so immersed in venturing off that it’s never occurred to me there would be people afraid to travel. Yes, maybe afraid to fly, but “travel?” As in pack a bag and get away for the weekend? I have such a hard time fathoming it. But I’ve now heard from enough people to know this is a real problem and that it has a name, hodophobia.

Until a couple of years ago when I wrote a post about the fear of travel, I had no idea that this affliction existed. But it’s serious.

Those with hodophobia are consumed by panic attacks, dry mouth, breathlessness, trembling and other symptoms. This irrational fear comes in many forms and may limit someone’s time away from home or the distance they are willing to travel.

Poor darlings.

The subject of hodophobia came up for me again recently when I questioned how safe it is to travel to Mexico. For the record, I’m not advising people whether they should or shouldn’t travel there but a lively discussion, both online and off, ensued about whether it is indeed safe to travel south of the border right now.

Some people believe it’s perfectly safe to travel in Mexico while others, citing drug violence and U.S. Department of State warnings, believe it’s not a safe destination at all.

I was talking to Kristin, our Website Manager, about this very topic and she brought up a great point. She said, “People don’t want to be afraid of Vegas, they want to be afraid of foreign locations.”

Her point was that if people want to be blind to a particular reality, they will be. She noted that there are dangerous places just off The Strip in Vegas, but people don’t want to believe it or think about it so they justify in their own minds that Vegas is safer than Mexico. But the truth is that there are likely many places in Mexico far safer than parts of Vegas.

So, we all look at the world through a filter that’s skewed toward a glass half full or half empty. Or a filter that determines whether travel, or a specific destination, is safe or dangerous.

We hide behind excuses when it fits with our fears of the world, whether real (statistics) or imagined (prejudices). It’s human nature to focus on or ignore circumstances that validate what we already believe.

For those with hodophobia, there’s no doubt their travel glass is half empty, well, maybe even completely empty. But there are many others who likely aren’t hodophobic but blame outside circumstances for why they won’t travel to a given destination. Instead, they may cite germs, language barriers, security issues, the TSA, poverty in developing countries, deep-seated prejudices, etc. Really the list is endless as to why one would NOT want to travel.

I admit that I have little desire to travel to China. The pollution, the government, the crowds and their treatment of Tibetans are just a few of my own excuses. But are these reasons justifiable? I dunno.

What I do know is that I have plenty of other places I strongly want to see and until I have a compelling reason that draws me to China, it will remain low on my list.

What about you? Are their destinations you have made excuses to avoid?

Travel Well!


Photo credit:
Woman with glass – Baily Weaver

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JayBird BlueBuds Wireless Headphones ~ WanderGear Wednesday

by Beth Whitman (March 26th, 2014)

Jaybird Bluebuds HeadphonesHeadphones come with me on most of my trips. For long-haul flights, I always have my Bose noise cancelling headphones. But in addition, I always carry a pair of earbuds that I can use with my iPhone or iPod.

Wearing these with one of my favorite podcasts playing (This American Life, Studio 360 or On the Media) helps to lull me back to sleep when I’m jetlagged and it’s the middle of the night.

I also like to wear them when I work out. And no matter where I am, I’ve discovered that wireless is the way to go.

With the JayBird BlueBuds Wireless Headphones, I’m no longer tethered to my device. I can move around freely, whether lying in bed, moving around the gym or even gardening.

The wire sits around the back of your neck making it easy to forget (in a good way) that you’re even wearing earbuds.

While they were a bit awkward at first assembling the little wings that sit inside your ear to keep the earbuds in place, once I wore them a couple of times, I got the hang of it and I could easily place them in my ear and found that they stay in no matter how much moving around I do.

In addition to these being a Bluetooth headset for listening, there’s also a built-in microphone so that they can be used with your phone. No one I spoke with while wearing these could tell the difference between me speaking directly into the phone or wearing the headset.

One bit of caution – don’t forget to power down the earbuds once you’ve finished with them. The first couple of times I used them, I thought there was something wrong with the battery because the it had been drained by the time I wanted to use them again. Turns out I had just forgotten to power them off.

What I Love

  • I’m no longer tethered to my iPhone, giving me plenty of freedom to move around while listening or talking
  • Earbuds sit securely in my ear so they are barely noticeable
  • Quality of sound is equivalent to any other earbuds I have

The only word of caution I would offer is that it’s very easy to forget you have these on and they are connected to a device. Several times I walked into a different room of the hotel gym, leaving my iPhone on a piece of a equipment!

Available on Amazon for less than $130.

Travel Well!


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