Gaudi’s Top Buildings in Barcelona

by Beth Whitman (October 8th, 2012)

Sagrada Familia Interior

You see Sagrada Familia from the outside and it looks moderately impressive. It’s when you step inside and crane your neck upward that your jaw drops. The absolute immensity of this building is beyond the scope of any normal human being and it’s understandable why it has been 140 years in the making (it’s not expect to be completed until 2030).

Sagrada Familia Windows

Stained glass windows adorn the church from bottom to top. Many of them are still incomplete, with clear glass in place for the time being.

Sagrada Familia Exterior

The exterior has as much detail as the interior (but scaffolding prevents it from being completely picturesque).

Sagrada Familia Exterior with cranes

From the rooftop of La Pedrera, you can see the cranes that surround Sagrada Familia.

La Padrera

And while not quite the grand masterpiece as Sagrada Familia, La Pedrera is well worth a visit. This was built as an apartment building (it still houses some offices on the lower floors) and is considered one of the most imaginative (if not weird) living spaces ever built.

La Pedrera Smokestack
I get the circular nature of the complex and the lack of right angles, but the chimneys, like this one? Hmmm. Not so sure I like ’em.

Casa Batllo

Nearly across the street from La Pedrera is Casa Batllo. Though we didn’t get to tour this (it was closed for the day for some reason unbeknownst to the employee working the crowd) I loved the exterior far more than La Pedrera. Forged iron, tilework and all those curves!? Fantastic.

If you’re interested in more of Gaudi, see Globotreks’ Must See Gaudi Buildings post. I wish I had come across this prior to my trip – I would have definitely taken in more of them.


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